Why idea’s (+NDA’s) are worth nothing

Knowledge is not power. If that were true, then universities and libraries would rule the world. It is only the application of knowledge that leads to power – that is why businesses rule the world.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and grow rich.

It is one of my favourite quotes, and one that I find myself repeating more often than not. Every time someone tells me about this fantastic idea they have all worked out, but haven’t even got a paying customer (or sometimes even a minimum violable product worked out) yet. Continue reading

oh, the places you’ll go!

So, I’ve recently left my position at BrandsEye to reach out on my own and start a new company with some friends. It’s always trying times, taking the leap, and someone very special to me shared this poem by Dr Seuss with me. Apparently it’s normally read at graduations – but I think it’s even more apt for the early days of a startup. I really enjoyed it, hope you do too…

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
 – Dr. Seuss 

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