The 3 main blog ontologies


To blog, or not to blog… thait is the question. I get asked it quite often and the answer is a general ‘yes’ – but more importantly you need to work out what type of blog to have first. This comes from the answer to the question: “Why?”

I have recently read a couple of articles about blogging (there are tons out there) but I perticularly like these 2. First is Mark Sunster’s comprehensive post with all the details on how, why and on what. Then there is also the balanced view from local entrepreneur Sheraan on the softer side of why he blogs and what you should think about before you start.

I think that on of the most important questions is “Why do you want a blog?” As far as I see it there are 3 different ontologies:

1) Company Blog: This one is obvious and broad reaching. Content needs to be updated regularly and is generally a way to provide knowledge about your industry as a way of attracting customers to your brand and position your company as an expert in the field. This is normally done by a professional who’s job is to constantly create relevant content.

2) Personal Online Activity Blog: This is where you use you blog to put up regular content and creat conversation around what you are doing. You aim to increase the number of people following you, have a wide range of ‘mostly low value’ or time related content. It is great for people trying to increase their following and create awareness around who they are to create a following.

3) Personal Brand Building Blog: This is where I try and position my blog, informative and interesting with the focus more on content instead of regular posting. It is a great way to collect your thoughts and over time build up a great collection of who you are.

It’s generally a good idea to work out what you want your blog to achieve, as this will decide how often and what type of content you will put up. Once you have the mandate on what you will be putting out it makes choosing what to write about a lot easier and will determine how often you should post – or if that even matters.

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