Funding Secrets Series: Tips and Resources


This is the Tips and Resources section of my Funding Secrets Series.


– Fund the business as much as you can by yourself for as long as you can. Try to give as little away to investors as possible, but don’t be too cheap on giving it to people working on the business through an equity pool.

– Remember that every round of equity funding that you get will decrease your piece of the pie. Every round that you issue new stock to the new investors, the amount of stock that you hold becomes a smaller percentage of a larger pie.

– Do your best to meet the next mile stone, before the funding runs out as bridge funding gets pricey…

– Be frugal with your spending!



– “Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur” by Dermont Berkery

An absolute must-read and bible if you are ever wanting to go down the VC path. Gives a great perspective of what the entrepreneur and VC are aiming to get out of every situation. Phenomenal!

– “Getting to Yes” – Roger Fisher and William Ury

The basics and fundamentals for negotiating. Very useful when you are wanting to negotiate terms in a business.

– A Good Hard Kick in the Ass – Rob Adams

Brilliant and way more practical than most books on startups — this is the bible



Both Sides of the Table – Blog of Mark Sunter: successful entrepreneur turned VC

Business angel blog – Blog of Permjot Valia: Entrepreneur, Sales guru, Active Angel investor and Startup mentor

Justin Stanford’s blog – Runs local VC 4Di, Angel investor and startup mentor

Silicon Cape Resources – A Great collection of links sites and How To guides for the local South African ecosystem.

SA Angel Investors Blog – Local blog on the ins and outs of Angel investing in South Africa.

Paul Graham’s Essays – Founder of Y combinator and phenominal view of entrepreneurship.

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