Funding Secret Series: Overview


1) Types of Funding

2) Seed and Angel Funding

3) VC funding

4) Tips and Resources

5) APPENDIX : VC Return on Investments Example


I recently did a talk on the different types of funding available for startups and in doing so realised that I have learnt a fair bit about how it all works in that last couple of months of my real world degree. I’ve put together a 3 part mini series on the different types and stages of startup funding. It is meant to merely give an overview and some general information on the types of funding, how they work and what the normal requirements are at each stage. Please note that this is just a rough guide of some of the things that I’ve learnt over the last couple of months and that every investment or round of funding for different startups will always differ with the team, idea and market – so there is no one answer that fits all situations. Most of the information is related to the SA startup market. I have not had to raise any funding in the past, nor invested in a startup – so I don’t clam to be an expert. If I’ve got it wrong ( which is more than likely ) please leave a comment and I’ll tweak it.

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