The Power of Facebook Lists

It is always a concern for me about who can view the info on my Facebook Page. It led me to be pretty stingy with who I added as a friend as I refused to make my personal Facebook page completely sterile. I used to keep Facebook purely for friends and Linkedin purely for business but that line is often blurred. I have only recently started using the list feature on Facebook, and realise what I have I been missing out on! I have now managed via lists to have different people see different areas of my page. Each person is put on a list and sees only the area of my page that is relevant to the list they are on – and no more. i.e. business associates can see lots of contact information but no pictures and posts; Close friends can see everything and distant friends can only see limited pictures and posts with very little contact details. It takes a little while to set up, but is well worth it. Here is my easy step-by-step* guide…

*I have a brief 3 step summary for advanced users at the bottom…

Firstly you will need to create the lists. To do this, look on the top right and go to

Account -> Edit Friends

This will bring up your list of friends with a button Create list button at the top.
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Inbound business model

I read a great book a little while ago, called Inbound Marketing, and it got me thinking. Where else is it relevant? How can you apply this to business? But first, the background theory…

Tradition marketing follows an Outbound marketing model where the company sends out the information of their product/service to potential customers in the hopes of making the sale. With the sale, the customer is given value and through use they create a relationship with your company. Hopefully this will lead them to come back. (All TV and radio ads, Flyers, newspaper ads etc)

Sale -> Value -> Relationship
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Young Word Rising [Book Review]

Saw a great book that recently came out, Young World Rising by Rob Salkowitz. Its on the new rise of the wave of new young entrepreneurs  and how they are bringing forth new changes to the global landscape. South Africa and Silicon Cape are one of the ‘New worlds’ in which this is happenning. Here is a piece taken from the facebook page in Rob’s own words:

In Young World Rising, I identify six hallmarks or characteristics unique to the next-generation entrepreneurial ventures I explored around the world. Young World entrepreneurs:

1. Blend social and commercial objectives
2. Creatively align public, private and NGO resources
3. Leverage communities and collaboration
4. Are well-adapted and sustainable
5. Embrace the globalization of the knowledge workforce
6. Solve systemic problems while meeting market needs.

In the next few days, I will be elaborating on each of these hallmarks. In the meantime, I am interested in hearing from young entrepreneurs and other interested folks: does this sound right? Does your business plan fit these criteria?

Sounds like some solid advice and is well researched. Its definitely made its way onto my “Must Read” list.